⏰ Round 1 Extended to 28th Feb

Dear Participants,

The deadline for Round 1 of Food Recognition Benchmark is now extended to 28th February, 2022, 23:59 UTC :checkered_flag:

We introduced some exciting new resources for the benchmark (1 | 2), and have posted an update on the timeout conditions as well!

Please let us know if you have any feedback.

All the best!
Team AIcrowd


Hi @vrv, submission is already closed? My submission seems not reflected to leaderboard…

Hi @Camaro, yes, the deadline for the challenge was 28th February, 2022, 23:59 UTC as mentioned above while your submission was made on 1 Mar 2022, due to which it isn’t counted on the official leaderboard. :frowning:

You can see your position by selecting the “Include post-challenge submissions” option:


Saying that, please note that the above deadline was for Round 1.

We will be releasing Round 2 soon, and you are welcome to make re-submission to be part of Round 2’s official leaderboard from Day 1. :smiley:

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Thanks, I got it. I was stuck in submission error last night… :sob:
So I intended to submit it to round 2 as timeline says round 2 will start on March 1st, but it wasn’t?

And let me make sure that there is no prize for 1st-3rd place if it’s below 0.47, right?

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I see, yes, it isn’t released right now.
Chefs inside the AIcrowd team are still preparing it. :salt: :cook:

Yes, afaik there might be no prizes if it’s below 0.47, but let me confirm this detail (given it’s a bit ambiguous). Thanks for pointing it out.

Edit: You are eligible for prizes for being top-3 on Round 2’s leaderboard irrespective of 0.47 score threshold.

I see, thanks:)

But you don’t have to consider to give prizes, it would make me uneasy as my sub was scored 0.33, which is worth 2nd place :rofl:

Anyway, can’t wait to try new dataset!

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Hi @Camaro,

I am sorry for the confusion caused.
The participants are eligible for the prizes even if the final scores don’t cross 0.47. :smiley:

So yes, if you manage to retain your 2nd position on Round 2’s final leaderboard, you are indeed eligible for one. :wink: