Resources for MMdetection Submissions

Hi everyone, MMdetection resources are now released. It has been the library with the most demand in Food Benchmark’s community.

  • We are releasing pre-trained models for making it easier to get started with your first submission! :muscle:
  • The training notebook now has submission interfaces as well (for both quick & active participation directly from Colab)

Thanks for the contributions by @jyot_makadiya :tada:

Getting Started Notebook :point_right:

Model Zoo :point_right:

Type AP AR Dataset
htc_without_semantic_r50_fpn_1x 0.113 0.319 Round 1 (v2.0) :file_folder: Download
htc_without_semantic_r50_fpn_1x 0.113 0.319 Round 2 (v2.1) :file_folder: Download

Already have your privately trained models? :star_struck:

  • Clone the official starter kit (or rebase your existing repository)
  • Check the instructions available in
  • Make your submission. :tada:

New to the competition?

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