Making detectron2 submissions is now even easier! 🤩

Hi everyone, based on previous challenges: detectron2 has been one of the most used libraries for submissions.

  • We are releasing pre-trained models for making it easier to get started with your first submission! :muscle:
  • The training notebook now has submission interfaces as well (for both quick & active participation directly from Colab)

Thanks for the contributions by @jyot_makadiya and @jyotish :tada:

Getting Started Notebook :point_right:

Model Zoo :point_right:

Type Iterations AP AR Dataset
R50-FPN-3x 110k 0.082 0.128 Round 1 (v2.0) :file_folder: Download
X101-FPN 10k 0.030 0.050 Round 1 (v2.0) :file_folder: Download
R_101_FPN_3x 80k 0.074 0.118 Round 2 (v2.1) :file_folder: Download

Already have your privately trained models? :star_struck:

You can upload detectron2 model without worrying about interfaces using simple to use upload form in this notebook.

New to the competition? :wave: