Issues with Linux VM and Windows VM - Please help?

Hi Team,

I have setup my codes in Linux VM and it was all good - suddenly since 3 to 4 days the scroller function really works very slow and it is a lot of time consuming even if we have to edit small piece of codes - this is really frustrating!

Then now I shifted to Windows VM with all the files copied to users/workspace location.

Now I am running codes here - here is the error/still running state

Let me know if there is any error. @jyotish

Here is the output after sometime.

I wentt ahead ignoring above error - timeout error. I made a submission. Again I have this error.

Hi @shravan.koninti,
your screenshot looks very similar to this thread. Please try both to see if it resolves your issue.

seems like same issue.

@jyotish … do you think you can help me here??

Hi Team, @jyotish

I think I have a problem in executing the code.
I am running the code good_starter_notebook and making a submission. But what I am seeing here is that it is executing something else notebook. Please see here and let me know why this is happening?

@ashivani @michael_bordeleau @nrad Anyone help me here?

Hello @shravan.koninti

Can you check if there is any other jupyter server running? You can get the list of active jupyter servers by running

For jupyter lab,

jupyter-lab list

For jupyter notebook,

jupyter-notebook list

Please make sure that you have only one active server at a given time.

If the problem still persists, can you share the outputs from the following commands with us?

jupyter-lab list
jupyter-notebook list

Then, assuming that your jupyter server is running at http://localhost:8888, can you share the content of http://localhost:8888/api/sessions?

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Thanks @jyotish this one we sorted out.

@jyotish Now am getting a new issue where I tried to install one of the python modules . It installed half way and throwed an error that it does not have drive space. Fully utilized all space.

I tried to close all open notebooks and started a new jupyter-lab .
Here is the error. let me know how to resolve!

@ashivani @jyotish @nrad Anyone want to take a look at this?

@shravan.koninti Please refer to the below discussion for the solution.

Thanks very much - I am able to install . But Now again I will re-install all the packages I want . let me get back to you. If I face any issues

@ashivani I see this issue after running the codes by following the above post msg. i.e., having opt/anaconda3 installation.

@ashivani @jyotish @nrad ??? anyone please!

While you wait for a response, I will suggest you to perhaps get one of the many community-published Python notebooks. It will eliminate potential errors stemming from your own code.

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I am using those notebooks only as starter and improvise my FE on top of it. So only these organizers have to help. Thanks @michael_bordeleau for the prompt response!

The wait for response from your team is looking high. Can you please look into this? Thanks!

Hello @shravan.koninti

Can you try placing -vvvv between aicrowd notebook and share the complete traceback and output with us?

It should be something like

aicrowd -vvvv notebook submit