Out of Space Issue

We only have 10G in the linux virtual machine under /home

And conda iteself takes 5.6G.

So, it is very easy to use all the space. Any way to work around it or can we request more space?

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Hi @Bacy,

This issue is cased by installing Conda (or Anaconda) in /home. You are right that /home is set up with 10Gb. However, the VM has access to /dev/sda1 that has 28Gb and /files that has 5Tb.

We recommend installing Conda in /opt. For example, create a folder ‘anaconda 3’ and then install in /opt/anaconda3. This has two benefits:

  1. Leaves /home free for working files
  2. (For multi user situation) Once installed all users have access and can share the same environments/packages

Please find our article on installing Anaconda that also specifies installing in /opt: https://knowledgebase.aridhia.io/article/installing-anaconda-and-running-jupyter-notebooks-on-the-virtual-machine/

Kind regards,

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Thank you very much! It works!

Hi @nrad - if I cd to /mnt (sda1) there is “this is a temporary disk” warning. Is it safe to use it to store files during the competition?

It is probably safe, I am not sure though. But I think it is not important. Why not just use /home? If you rain into space issues in /home you can use /files. There is 5TB in /files.


Thanks - using /files seems to lead to unexpected behaviour when submitting to the platform