Creating "Teams" in ImageCLEF 2021 Tuberculosis Challenge

Hello. We are participating in “ImageCLEF 2021 Tuberculosis” challenge as an organization. My professor has applied for the participation on behalf of our organization. His EUA is approved, but we are unable to form a team on challenge page, so that we can download and submit results our-self.

Refer to this blog of AIcrowd:
We want to come together and participate in challenges as a team. How we can create team in this challenge?

Thanks in advance. Have a great day!

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Dear Ali,
Sorry for the late response. The official AIcrowd team feature is not supported on CLEF challenges because of technical reasons. I suggest that you fill in the End User Agreement on behalf of your team and then upload it with your account. Regarding the submissions you would then also submit on behalf of your team. Unfortunately there is no better solution at the moment.