Which docker image is used for my submissions?

We use custom fork of repo2docker for our image build processes. The functionality of it is exactly same as upstream repo2docker, except the base image. Our Dockerfile uses following base image:

FROM nvidia/cuda:10.1-cudnn7-runtime-ubuntu18.04

How to use above?
To install forked version of repo2docker, please install it via pypi using:

pip install aicrowd-repo2docker

Example to build your repository:

git clone git@gitlab.aicrowd.com:<your-username>/<your-repository>.git
cd <your-repository>
pip install -U aicrowd-repo2docker
aicrowd-repo2docker \
        --no-run \
        --user-id 1001 \
        --user-name aicrowd \
        --image-name sample_aicrowd_build_45f36 \
        --debug .

How to specify custom runtime?

Please read about it in our FAQ question: How to specify runtime environment for your submission.

Why fork repo2docker?
It is currently not possible to use custom base image in vanilla repo2docker, and this status is being tracked here.

Read more about repo2docker here.