Where is the leaderboard? Submission confusion

Looks like something is wrong with submit button.

Something is off with leaderbord for fixed challenge. When I upload my solution, I can’t see it in leaderboard for the problem, but instead when I go through submissions I land in this leaderboard.

Hi @jakub_bartczuk,

Your probably made submissions directly to the problem instead of ongoing AIcrowd Blitz :zap: competition, due to which you faced missing name in leaderboard, etc.

I have assigned your submissions manually to AIcrowd Blitz :zap: challenge.

Link to problem:

Submission Link

Sorry for the confusion caused.


Thanks. But I still don’t get it. I made submission using submit link from this page which seems to belong to the competition.

Basically link leads here.

We have concept of problems & challenges. And the problems can be used as part of multiple challenges.

The link you are referring above have it’s own leaderboard and submission queue, independent of AIcrowd Blitz :zap: submission queue & leaderboard. This was the reason why your scores didn’t reflect back.

I believe you ended up on above link, due to our recent email notification?

I believe you ended up on above link, due to our recent email notification?

No, this is the link on competition’s problem’s page.

BTW the submission link you provided is for PKHND

Hi @jakub_bartczuk,

Thanks for notifying.
Let me investigate on where we went wrong and displayed the wrong link as you mentioned. I will meanwhile add quick redirection so it doesn’t cause confusion to any other participant.

Yes, my bad, updated the link in my previous comment now.


Update: Redirection is now active for all the problems.

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