🌈 Welcome to the Learn to Race Challenge!

Dear Participants,

We warmly welcome you to the Learn to Race Challenge on AIcrowd, organized by Carnegie Mellon University and Arrival, sponsored by AWS!

:rocket: To get started with the challenge,

  • Once you have successfully participated in the challenge and accepted the challenge rules, head over to the Resources tab on the challenge page.
  • Download the End User Agreement from there, sign it and upload it back to be eligible to use the Arrival Simulator. (make sure to do this as soon as possible!)
  • Fork the starter kit and follow the instructions there to make your first submission to the challenge!
  • Check your score on the Challenge leaderboard and keep improving :muscle:

:sparkles: Other exciting things

See you around!
Happy participating

PS: If you have any feedback about the challenge, the starter kit, or anything else, drop it here!