Week 3 leaderboard is out!

Week 3 markets have new entrants!

This time around we have a lot of distance between the biggest company out there and others :chart_with_upwards_trend:

I have a few small updates for you this week:

  1. Leaderboard data summary
  2. Private error tracebacks
  3. Weekly feedback emails

Leaderboard data summary :bar_chart:

The week 3 leaderboard is out! and from now on we are giving you a little summary of the dataset on the leaderboard page. Check it out!

Private error tracebacks :lock:

Thanks to all the great work from the team, you can now get a bit more detail on why some submissions are failing, which we hope will speed up the iteration process and allow you to keep focused on the important modelling tasks :slightly_smiling_face:


Weekly feedback emails :incoming_envelope:

The weekly feedback emails have now been sent!

For a description of what they will contain, check this post.
From next week onward you will only be receiving feedback about each week as it is played.

Good luck!

Hi Alfarzan, I see the results for previous weeks have changed. Are you going to recalculate previous results every week? It’s difficult to draw conclusions when the results for past weeks are not stable.

Hi @pitusg

That should not have happened. I think that may be a small error from our side.
If it is the case I will make sure the links are updated very soon.

However, week 3 results will be accurate :ok_hand:

Please stay tuned here and apologies for the inconvenience!

EDIT for other readers: results are accurate for the vast majority of participants, if you think yours are not please contact us.

Hi @alfarzan,

I cannot open the link for the week3 feedback, it “shows invalid response”, while there is no issue for the new week2 feedback.

My submission ID for week3 profit LB is #113794.


Hello @davidlkl

The link is working fine. I re-shared the link with you anyway. Can you try again (or in a different browser if it still fails)?

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Thanks for re-sharing it! I can access it now.

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When are you going to fix week 1 results? For us it’s a huge difference if our result was 5000 or -1400 :wink:

Hi @pitusg

I’ve sent you a private message about this. You seem to be the only model that is experiencing this difference. I will reply again in private so that you can share with me the feedback and we can see what is going on. :+1: