Week 3 leaderboard is out!

Week 3 markets have new entrants!

This time around we have a lot of distance between the biggest company out there and others :chart_with_upwards_trend:

I have a few small updates for you this week:

  1. Leaderboard data summary
  2. Private error tracebacks
  3. Weekly feedback emails

Leaderboard data summary :bar_chart:

The week 3 leaderboard is out! and from now on we are giving you a little summary of the dataset on the leaderboard page. Check it out!

Private error tracebacks :lock:

Thanks to all the great work from the team, you can now get a bit more detail on why some submissions are failing, which we hope will speed up the iteration process and allow you to keep focused on the important modelling tasks :slightly_smiling_face:


Weekly feedback emails :incoming_envelope:

The weekly feedback emails have now been sent!

For a description of what they will contain, check this post.
From next week onward you will only be receiving feedback about each week as it is played.

Good luck!

Hi Alfarzan, I see the results for previous weeks have changed. Are you going to recalculate previous results every week? Itโ€™s difficult to draw conclusions when the results for past weeks are not stable.

Hi @pitusg

That should not have happened. I think that may be a small error from our side.
If it is the case I will make sure the links are updated very soon.

However, week 3 results will be accurate :ok_hand:

Please stay tuned here and apologies for the inconvenience!

EDIT for other readers: results are accurate for the vast majority of participants, if you think yours are not please contact us.

Hi @alfarzan,

I cannot open the link for the week3 feedback, it โ€œshows invalid responseโ€, while there is no issue for the new week2 feedback.

My submission ID for week3 profit LB is #113794.


Hello @davidlkl

The link is working fine. I re-shared the link with you anyway. Can you try again (or in a different browser if it still fails)?

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Thanks for re-sharing it! I can access it now.

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When are you going to fix week 1 results? For us itโ€™s a huge difference if our result was 5000 or -1400 :wink:

Hi @pitusg

Iโ€™ve sent you a private message about this. You seem to be the only model that is experiencing this difference. I will reply again in private so that you can share with me the feedback and we can see what is going on. :+1: