Updates to timelines

Round 1 Duration from 6th December '21 - 28th February '22
Round 1 - Code Review from 25th Feb to 4th March (The L2R competition organizers will review the code to confirm sensor inputs and correctness of model development)
Round 2 - 4th March '22 - 14th March '22
Round 2 - Code review - 15th March '22 to 22nd March '22
Embargo Announcements (only to winners) - 23rd March '22. The L2R team will then work with the top 3 winning teams to curate their solutions for a presentation at the Aicrowd Townhall till 28th March '22
Public Townhall for QA, Next steps (conference workshops) and Announce Winners - 1 April '22

So, we have 10 days to develop a model for round2.
In round 2, we can use 3 cameras, and submit 20 submissions each day, am I right?

yes, you can additionally use 3 cameras or stick to the original 1 camera. Each will have its own leaderboard.

I was wondering where the Round 2 Leaderboard was, just to keep track of where we are in the competition. Also, Iā€™m seeing a message that says we only have one submission left, is that accurate?

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We will send out a separate notice, before the launch of Stage 2 (see here for more info: [Round 2] Launch - Expected Date - #3 by jon_francis).

Not to worry about the number of submissions left. Once Stage 2 opens, participants will be able to make submissions at a much higher frequency (compared to Stage 1) and we will resume the standard request protocol (šŸ—ļø Claim Your Training Credits) for AWS credits.

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