šŸ’” Solutions are Public

Dear Participants!

The solutions from the three leaderboard winners are now public .

Check them out below :point_down:

Did you find some interesting approaches in their solutions? Please share them with the community below! :sparkles:


Nice approach by Lab_3i. QueryInst with Swin.

#1: QueryInst + Swin Large
#2: HTC + Swin Base
#3: QueryInst + Swin Base

Looking forward to next year when Swin V2 Giant is in the picture.

Iā€™m not familiar with QueryInst. Is there some reason you knew it would preform well on this dataset when other models perform better on COCO? COCO minival Benchmark (Object Detection) | Papers With Code

Care to share any comments on how you tuned your HTC/QueryInst parameters?

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