‼️ ⏰ Select Submission ID before 20th June, 2024 23:55 UTC

Hello Participants,

Please select Submission IDs for the private leaderboard evaluation.

:rotating_light: Deadline for Form Submission:
20th June 2024, 23:59 UTC

:clipboard: Individual Participants:
Please submit the form only once. If multiple entries are made, we will consider your last form entry.

:clipboard: Teams:
If multiple team members submit the form, we will consider the Team Organizer’s last form entry as the final one.

Submit your form here: Meta Challenge Form

All the best,
Meta Comprehensive RAG Benchmark Challenge Team

Do selected submissions are evaluated on all 3 tasks?

You can select 2 submission IDs for each task in the form.

Can we submit the same submissions for all 3 tasks? The aicrowd.json might be the same but the code is able to deal with all three task setting.

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Yes, if your code is addressing all three tasks you can submit the same IDs for the 3 tasks.

Can we confirm which are our final submissions in the google forms after June 20th e.g (June 21st some time when online evaluation finished). It is because some people want to select their final solution based on the round 2 score. Besides the current evaluation system is stuck as a lot of people are submitting to the evaluation system.


same question. I submitted my solution about 8 hours ago, but I can’t see the hope that the evaluation ends before deadline.

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@snehananavati Can the Submission IDs selection deadline be pushed back? Because so many submissions are waiting for evaluation then, we couldn’t select the appropriate submissions as final submissions.

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Yes, we have extended the deadline till June 22nd 12:00 UTC (noon).