⏰ Deadline Extended for Submission Selection Form (June 22nd 12:00 UTC)

Hello all,

We are extending the submission selection form deadline to June 22nd, 12:00 UTC (noon).

We will use either the top two submissions on the track-specific leaderboard or the submission IDs specified in the form. If you indicate more than two submissions for any track, we will consider the last two submission IDs. If you have already selected submission IDs on the form and wish to change them, you can do so before the new deadline.

Please note, that all submissions on the form must be eligible for the respective track. For instance, you cannot indicate a submission for Track-1 as your intended submission for Track-2 unless it is already on the leaderboard of Track-2.

Please follow the guidelines and fill out the form by 22nd June, 12:00 UTC.

All the best

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