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Hi there,

Just a question about the profit leaderbord. Is the Final leaderboard for a week available right after 10 pm each saturday, or do you keep updating it until we receive the weekly email ?

and my second question is if our model was eligible for weekly evaluation, is it possible to have some feedback of how our model behaves compared to the models that made the profit leaderboard ?

Thank you in advance for your reply,

Hi @Baracuda

To answer your questions:

When do we update the leaderboard?
The leaderboard evaluation begins on the weekly deadline. We do not update it after we generate the markets. The delay between updating the leaderboard and receiving the weekly email is due to us sense-checking the feedback prior to it being sent out. This process should be much quicker from next week :fast_forward:

Can you get feedback on market performance?
Yes! From this week you will be receiving more in-depth feedback about how you have performed. Please see this post on what this feedback will look like and keep an eye out in your emails!

Which models are included in the market?
Lastly, just to be clear, you have the ability to choose which of your eligible submissions are used for the weekly evaluation. See here on how this is done. We are working to make this much more intuitive as well :gear:

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Thank You again for your work, just a quick question to be sure about my understanding.

Is the current profit leaderbord for week 3 the final one for week 3, or can we expect to see some evolutions ?

If it is the final leaderboard for week 3 and we don’t appear in it, as i don’t see mine, does that means i won no more than 1% of all the markets my model was placed in ?

Thank you :grinning:

Hi @Baracuda

Yes the current profit leaderboard is the final version.

Sorry to hear your model did not make it through :frowning_face:

I’ve gone through the leadeboard and you did not fail due to participation, which means either:

  1. You failed the training profit rule or
  2. You did not submit before 1AM CET on Sunday evening.

Can you link me to your submission number that you were expecting to see in the leaderboard?

Hi Ali,

I think there was a mistake or bug for my model to not be included in the market because i submitted my model on friday as you can see in the attached file, and my model passed the training rule.
I hope to have the chance to know how my model performed in this market so that i can improve it for the next one.

Thank you again for your hardwork :grinning:

Hi @Baracuda

I’m still looking into why this has occurred. I will message you privately about it once I find a solution as it will likely involve your models details :slight_smile:

Hi Ali;

Ok perfect, thank you :grinning: !

Hi this is really confusing. I thought that if my model passes the profit test then it should be automatically considered for the profit leaderboard? I cannot find my ranking in the profit leaderboard, the website takes forever to show the full leaderboard. Kaggle is so much better.

Hi @huan_vo

Really sorry for the frustration!

You are right that if your model passes the profit test then it would be considered for the profit leaderboard automatically.

Can I get your submission ID for the model that would have passed the leaderboard requirement? I can see what is going on.

If your model is on the leaderboard you will see your position on the bottom of the page as you scroll like the image attached. So if you don’t see it, it means it did not enter.

My latest submission id is 114409, but I might want to pick another model for the profit leaderboard though.

How do I get to the end of the leaderboard? It keeps loading and is taking forever.

Thanks @huan_vo

I’ve looked a bit deeper into what is going on and it seems your first successful submission was made on Sunday evening (#114077) which is past the weekly deadline.

  1. The leaderboard runs every Saturday at 10PM CET :alarm_clock:
    The weekly leadeboard deadline is on Saturday evening at 10PM CET every Saturday (this week it was 3 hours delayed for reasons explained here). So your submission would not be eligible for the leaderboard hence it was not included.

  2. Picking your leaderboard submission :trophy:
    However, your submissions will be eligible for the weekly leaderboard being run on this Saturday. If you want to pick a specific submission for the weekly leaderboard you can do so on this form before the deadline. The form is linked at the top of every leaderboard. I have also added the form to the overview page for clarity.
    Is there any other way I can make it clearer?

  3. Viewing your leaderboard position :world_map:
    Finally, if you go to the RMSE leaderboard and look at the bottom of your screen as you scroll down, you will see that your position is displayed at the bottom of your screen. You don’t need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to see it.
    Would that solve the issue? I am also looking into seeing if there is a way to clearly display to participants that they have not participated in a particular leaderboard when they visit the page :+1:

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Thank @alfarzan for the clarification!

  1. So as I understand it, the profit leaderboard is not updated dynamically but only once a week. That explains why my submission does not show up on this week’s leaderboard. I look forward to next week’s leaderboard then.

  2. It would be nice if we can automate this process as well. For instance in Kaggle I can just go to my list of submissions in my profile and just select the submission used for the leaderboard. Also I think the list of submissions should be kept private. Right now when I go to the submission tab I see everyone’s submission.

  3. I can see my ranking on the rmse leaderboard, I just could not see my ranking on the profit leaderboard, simply because my submission is not eligible for this week’s leaderboard, as you explained it.

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Hi @huan_vo

  1. Yes!
  2. Yes, we are in the process of including this in the submission pages themselves actually. This is the first challenge where this option has been necessary since for RMSE we always choose your best submission. For profit, it’s not so simple :slight_smile: