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Introduce yourself here, and find others who are looking to team up! :sparkles:

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  • A short introduction about you and your background.
  • What brings you to this challenge?
  • Some ideas you wish to explore as a part of this challenge?

Amazon KDD Cup’23

Hello everyone,

  • I am Rohan Singh Rajput looking for a team to join, a senior data scientist at Headspace, where I lead the personalization domain. My primary focus is on building personalized recommendation system models for our meditation app, leveraging my strong background in data science to create models that cater to user preferences and enhance their meditation experience.
  • I am drawn to this challenge because I am interested in working on the next item prediction problem using session data. This challenge aligns with my professional goals and provides an excellent opportunity for me to further improve the recommendation systems I’ve been developing at Headspace.
  • As part of this challenge, I plan to explore several ideas to enhance the performance of next item prediction tasks. I am eager to collaborate with experts, learn from their insights, and incorporate those learnings into my own work. By doing so, I hope to build a reliable solution for predicting the next item, ultimately improving the personalization of the meditation app for its users.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/rohan3/

What is the maximum number of people per team?

Hi @ystkin,

For this challenge, the maximum number of participants per team is 5.

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Hello, I am a PhD student at UCL working on recommender systems, and I am looking for team members. If you are interested, e-mail me at reem.masoud.22@ucl.ac.uk .

Hi i am hitesh and looking for a teammate for this challenge