How To Win Blitz In 2 Weeks ⚡️ AI Blitz X

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It’s time for AI Blitz X resource round-up! We are only a week into the challenge and the $400 USD cash prizes are up for grabs. Here are a few things you can do to make your submissions for the challenge. If you have any doubts or get stuck on a problem, comment on this post or tweet us @AIcrowdHQ!

AI Blitz X :zap:

:spiral_calendar: Deadline: 11th August 2021 | 11:30 AM UTC
:trophy: $400 cash prize pool for Leaderboard Winners & Community Contribution Winners

:woman_technologist:t4: Stuck on a puzzle or don’t know where to start?
:point_right:t2: Have you checked out our easy-2-follow code notebooks?

:woman_firefighter:t3: Some of you were facing errors and failure during submission for the Iceberg Detection problem. Check out this submission guideline to resolve some common queries.

:notebook: 2 x $100 USD Community Contribution Prizes are live!
Explain your solution to the community in your own creative way and stand a chance to win from the $200 USD cash prize pool.

Read this post to know more details and maximise your chance of winning.

:postbox: Did you know you can get your queries resolved on a call with other participants and organisers? Join us for live Office Hours on AI Blitz server for troubleshooting queries & resource sharing with the challenge organiser.

:thinking: Ever wondered what the top participants and winners do differently?
:books: Check out our latest AIcrew Stories from Blitz 7 and 8 winners Mothy, Denis and Vadim. Their approach and notebooks may inspire you! If you are starting out in Computer Vision, check out our blog for beginners

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