Has phase-2 started?

According to the timeline, phase-2 should be started now. Any updates?


Same question. Anyone knows?

I doubt, I believe the page will be updated (notifying us) phase 2 has started.

I asked in “In”. They answered me “It has already started. Everyone who have a successful submission in the first round can join the second round” I don’t understand anything :upside_down_face: :innocent: Why is there no tag “Round 2: N days left”?? … like in the neighboring competition. Has anyone already had successful submissions in the second round?

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The leaderboard is not updated, and I’ve tried to submit the code, the evaluation process can be done but the score will not show in the leaderboard. It’s really strange…

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BTW, where did you ask? What is “In”? :innocent: It seems that their official staff does not read the discussions very often. Do you know where can we find the official staff? @pavel_orlov

I asked Meta’s boss (but not Mark Zuckerberg) at linkedin. Would like to see an update from AIcrowd. I don’t know, maybe they have a day off today? :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you have successful submissions before the end of the first round? UPD: I see you in general LB on 23 place

Yes, I could submit successfully before phase-1 ended and got scores.
We only submitted for task 1 and 2: AIcrowd | Meta KDD Cup 24 - CRAG - Retrieval Summarization | Leaderboards

But after 27 May, my submission will be evaluated and I will get a score, but the score will not be updated to the leaderboard, and a message that tells me the evaluation fails will be sent through the main page like this.

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@aicrowd_team Could anyone help with this?


But in the rules(AIcrowd | Meta Comprehensive RAG Benchmark: KDD Cup 2024 | Challenge_rules), they said:

Limit one (1) registration per Participant (either individually or as a Team). Each Participant (either individuals or Teams) can choose to complete in 1, 2, or 3 tasks.

@jiazunchen Hi, sorry to bother. :sob: May I ask whether your team can submit to phase-2 now? I’ve noticed your team submitted to all three tasks and got 1st place.

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All three leaderboards were last updated on May 27th, so this is not a specific member’s issue. I see two explanations so far: 1) The 2nd round has begun, but during it the leaderboards will not be updated… and nothing will be explained to us). We only have 6 attempts until June 20th. 2) There is some kind of organizational problem that will be resolved and we will be informed.

Personally, for now I will work based on the first option.

The world is a big makeshift team, lol. I can’t imagine such a big company like Meta can make so many mistakes in such a competition and most of the time there is no official response at all…

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hi bro, I have the same question and have not received any message.

Regarding your explanation 1, does it mean that for the entire phase 2, we only have 6 attempts? If that’s the case, I will be afraid to submit my solution. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Me too) But that’s how I understood the phrase:

Phase II Each participating team can make up to 6 submissions for all 3 tracks together over the challenge [TO BE TESTED WITH AICROWD SUBMISSION SYSTEM]

Where did you see this explanation? The official website doesn’t seem to say

Hi bro,Why can you submit today? @jiazunchen @pavel_orlov @shizueyy @CDM @mc_liu

On main page in “SOLUTION SUBMISSION”. Official website - which one is it?

Thank you, I found it. Also, I would like to ask if submitting 6 works includes evaluation failure?