⏰ Deadline for Community Contribution Prize extended!

Dear all,

We have received some very creative and insightful entries for the Community contribution prize until now! We are thankful to all the participants who contributed towards the challenge and helped the community immensely in the process.:sparkles:

The competition comes to an end in about 2 weeks, and until then, all of you might have your eyes glued to the leaderboard, noticing all the tiny movements.:wink:

The enthusiasm for the Community contribution prize has been soaring, and hence,

We have decided to extend the deadline of Community Contribution Prize till the end of the challenge! :alarm_clock:

:date: New Deadline is: 8th June 2021, 8 AM UTC

:trophy: Recapping the amazing prizes

  • :video_game: 1 x Sony PlayStation 5
  • :video_game: 1 x X-Box Series X
  • :helicopter: 3 x DJI Manic Mini 2
  • :goggles: 3 x Oculus Quest 2

Please check out this post for more details on the prize: Community Contribution Prize 🎮 Gaming consoles 🚁 Drones 🥽 VR Headsets

Please feel free to ping us if you have any queries!

All the best,
Team AIcrowd


Since most of us had an issue with the inference time and this taking almost an entire day before the submissions are graded, could we please at least get a week or a 2 week extension