Community Contribution Prize 🎮 Gaming consoles 🚁 Drones 🥽 VR Headsets

Dear participants,

Contributing to the community has NEVER been more fun than this.

:loudspeaker: Announcing the Community Contribution Prize for ADDI Alzheimer’s Detection Challenge!

ps5 xbox (1) (1)

:star_struck: These are the prizes for Top 8 Community Contributors

  • :video_game: 1 x Sony PlayStation 5
  • :video_game: 1 x X-Box Series X
  • :helicopter: 3 x DJI Manic Mini 2
  • :goggles: 3 x Oculus Quest 2

Your contributions can be for anything that adds value towards solving the problem - data analysis, exploration, article or video on your approach - all supported by a working piece of code snippet.

:sparkles: Be as creative as you can be, and make sure to dazzle the community!

:date: Deadline: 26th May 2021, 8 AM UTC

New Deadline: 8th June 2021, 8 AM UTC

:balance_scale: TERMS

  1. You must post your explainers through the ‘Notebooks’ section on the challenge page.
  2. Your submissions have to be made from the Workbench. (you cannot access the data outside of the workbench)
  3. The prizes will be awarded as per the discretion of the organizers, and the popularity of the post in the community (based on number of likes :heart: ) - so share your post widely to spread the word!
  4. You can make multiple submissions, but you’re only eligible for the prize once.
  5. Your work needs to be published under a license and on a platform that allows other participants to use it. For example, code should be provided under an open-source license, and articles should be readable freely.

All the best! :heart:

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries, or just reply to this post!

Team AIcrowd


Hello there!

Amazing Challenge as usual! Question regarding the submissions: do they need to be created on Python or R? e.g. is it possible to create a Power BI report, or Tableau dashboard, etc, that helps on the EDA? Long story short, is it mandatory to also create these Community Challenge submissions in the Aridihia Workbench?



Hi @santiactis,

Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, the community submissions has to be from Workbench as you cannot have access to the data outside of the workbench.



Dear all,

The deadline for the Community contribution prize has been extended! Please check out this post for more info: ⏰ Deadline for Community Contribution Prize extended!