Community Contribution Prize | Win $600 AWS Credits | Multi-Agent Behavior Challenge

:wave: Hello AIcrew members!

The submissions for Multi-Agent Behavior Challenge :mouse: are closed but we have a new surprise for you – a chance to win $600 AWS credits!

:rocket: Multi-Agent Behavior Challenge Community Contribution Prize

Your contributions can be for anything that adds value towards solving the problem – data analysis, exploration, article or video on your approach – all supported by a working piece of code snippet.

:trophy: $600 AWS credits up for grabs

:old_key: 8 Community Contribution Prizes to win!

:alarm_clock: Deadline: 10th July, 2021 | 12:00 AM UTC

Making your submission is easy. Go over here, share your solution, link Colab Notebook if you wish, and voila, you’ve made a submission!

The prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the organizers, and the popularity of the post in the community (based on the number of likes :heart: ) - so share your post widely to spread the word!

:shield: We will be sending out the AWS credits in the last week of July after verifying the details. After receiving your code, you can go to this website and claim your credits.

:memo: House Rules

  • You must post your explainers through the Notebooks section on the challenge page.
  • There is no constraint on how you present your solution. Let your creative juices flow!
  • You can make multiple submissions, but you’re only eligible for the prize once.
  • The language of the explainer must strictly be in English so that it reaches a wide audience on our platform.