🎉 Announcing the Winner for Multi-Agent Behavior Challenge

:drum: Here are the winners for Multi-Agent Behavior Challenge :partying_face:

We want to thank all the participants who invested their time and energy in this competition. Your submissions and discussions have contributed to the success of this competition. :blush:

To show our gratitude, we have introduced MABe Challenge Community Contribution Prize with a $4,800 AWS credit prize pool! By explaining your solutions, you can be in line to claim the $600 AWS credits. Find all the info and submission guideline here.

:champagne: Congratulations to top three winners for all the tasks!

Task 1: Classical Classification

:1st_place_medal: Winner benjamin_wild $1500 USD
:2nd_place_medal: First Runner Up Visual_Analysis_of_Humans $1000 USD
:3rd_place_medal: Second Runner Up benlansdell $500 USD

Task 2: Annotation Style Transfer

:1st_place_medal: Winner benjamin_wild $1500 USD
:2nd_place_medal: First Runner Up AMG $1000 USD
:3rd_place_medal: Second Runner Up Visual_Analysis_of_Humans $500 USD

Task 3: Learning New Behaviour

:1st_place_medal: Winner Visual_Analysis_of_Humans $1500 USD
:2nd_place_medal: First Runner Up stefanos_fafalios $1000 USD
:3rd_place_medal: Second Runner Up benjamin_wild $500 USD