Can someone below age of 18 can compete if parental consent is there

You are 18 years of age or older but in no event less than the age of majority in your place of residence;
Hi Organizer,

I am here to clarify a doubt regarding the eligibility criteria. Actually, I am a Kaggle Competition Master (Mohammed Rizin) who won 2 competitions and 6 medals in Competition. Since Kaggle allow me if my parents submit a parental consent form and i can compete without any issues I am interested in participating in your AICrowd Competition. But the thing is that I am below 18 and I am not sure that I could compete or not. My parents allow me to do so. But I need a final clarification from the organizer’s side. expecting for fast reply and clarification.

Thank you in advance

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I am so intrested in joining the game. is it only for adults not for us

You can at least make submissions, but they may not be counted for the purposes of winning prizes. I will look into whether we can also provide prizes, e.g. by giving them to your parents instead of to you. There are legal restrictions here which I’m not very familiar with.

I can confirm that if your submission would win prizes, we can at least give it to your parents. We may also be able to give it to you (depending on legal aspects).

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Thanks for the reply. You can transfer the prize to my parents if i could win this game. Anyway thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate

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