🚀 Announcing Round 2

Dear participants,

The second and the final round of the Music Demixing Challenge is now live! :rocket:

:calendar: This round ends on July 31st, and will decide the final winners of the competition.

:money_with_wings: The 10,000 CHF Cash Prize Pool is now up for grabs!

Participate Now!

So, what is new in Round 2?

For Round 2, the dataset used for evaluating your submissions is expanded.

The hidden dataset used for evaluating your submissions is split into 3 (roughly) equally-sized parts. In the 1st Round, you were scored on only the 1/3 of this hidden dataset.

Now, in the 2nd and final Round, your scores will be based on 2/3 of the hidden dataset.

The rankings on the Final leaderboard of the competition will be based on your scores on all songs of the hidden test set. (all 3 splits - first, second, and third)

Increase in timeout

We have increase the timeout limit:

Timeout_in_Seconds for each song = 1.57 x Song_Duration_in_Seconds

All the best for the competition!

Team AIcrowd

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