📝 Announcing Community Contribution Prizes 🚁🥽

We are excited to announce the following Community Contribution Prizes :

:memo: How to Participate?

  • The Community Contribution Prizes will be awarded based on the discretion of the organizers, and will be awarded to the teams/individuals, that among other actions, are most active in the community.
  • The prizes typically go to individuals or teams that are extremely active in the community, share resources - or even answer questions - that benefit the whole community greatly!
  • So, share your posts widely to spread the word and get active in the community!
  • You can make multiple submissions, but you are only eligible for the Community Contribution Prize once.
  • In case of resources that are created, your work needs to be published under a license of your choice, and on a platform that allows other participants to access and use it.

Notebooks, Blog Posts, Tutorials, Screencasts, Youtube Videos, or even your active responses on the challenge forums - everything is eligible for the Community Contribution Prizes.

We are looking forward to see everything you create!

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All the best!

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