🚨 AI Blitz⚡XII [New Challenge Launch]

Blitz XII IS HERE!:zap:

From a SIRI to a Google Search, NLP has ingrained itself into our lives with the help of Machine Learning. However, modern libraries and algorithms have ensured that these applications aren’t something that just huge companies can implement! :robot:

AI Blitz XII will help you explore not only real-life applications of NLP but also the inner workings that go into the training of an NLP model. With the help of easy-to-follow starter kits and a helpful community, learn and excel in Machine Translation, Text Classification, and other NLP topics.:speaking_head:

Compete by yourself or form a team and stand a chance to win from the prize pool of $400 USD!:dollar:

Ready to open your IDEs and write “Hello World NLP”?:wave:

This Blitz challenges its participants with 5 NLP Puzzles tackling both real-life and technical applications of the field.

  1. Programming Language Classification: Classifying a corpus of various programming lines into 15 Programming Languages. :keyboard:
  2. Speaker Identification: Perform clustering on a corpus of transcripts taken from Youtube videos by capturing voiceprints of the given data samples.:studio_microphone:
  3. Language Translation: Perform Language translation from English to Crowd Talk, AIcrowd’s very own made-up language.:wink:
  4. Embedding Game: Map an embedding to its root word using NLP techniques.:world_map:
  5. Feature Engineering #2: Perform feature engineering on the data to get the best out of it. :gear:

With easy-to-understand starter kits and active troubleshooting by the AIcrowd community, you can make your first submission in 15-minutes. In true Blitz fashion, we have a cash prize pool worth $400 USD.

Click Here to view all the AI puzzles.

Friendly Reminder

  1. Find teammates for this challenge over here.
  2. We have a $200 Community Contributor prize pool, click here to know more & participate.
  3. The top two entries on the leaderboard will win $100 each! Click here to check out the leaderboard.

For any other comments or queries, reply in this thread and we will get back to you!:slight_smile:

Until then, keep Blitzing:zap:

Dear AIcrowd Team,
AI Blitz XII was launched on December 23, twitted on December 24 and emailed on December 26. Could you announce new challenges at the same time as their launch or earlier?

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Hi @_lyghter, thank you for your feedback. We are going to try to follow this to a tee. :raised_hands:

We are also in the process of revamping our email notification experience so that you don’t miss out on timely updates from us regarding new challenge launches and more. You’ll hear more about it soon.

Thank you


@vrv, can I use GPU for training and inference?

Yes, you can.

I would also suggest you to share your work with the community and claim the Community Contribution Prize: $100 x 2 Cash Prizes!

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