Winners Annoucement

Round 2 of the Food Recognition Challenge is up!

A BIG THANKS :pray: to all the participants who made this round successful.

It is really impressive to see the scores improve by such a great margin from Round-1 and also the increased participation in Round-2.

Without further ado, it’s time to announce the winners of this round.

Congratulations :tada: to team rssfete comprising @rohitmidha23 and @shraddhaamohan who achieved the winning score of 63.4 (Average Precision). Together they bag the Singularity prize and the travel grant of 2500 CHF to visit AMLD(Applied Machine Learning Days). We also want to thank them for the resources notebooks that they made available publically for other participants as a useful reference.

We also want to congratulate @simon_mezgec for his continued participation and an impressive score of 59.2 (Average Precision) and extend to him a full travel grant of 2500 CHF to visit AMLD 2021 as well. Seeing such perseverance :weight_lifting_man: in participants is really amazing and motivates us as we work hard towards organizing more such challenges.

To everyone who participated, we thank you once again and encourage you to discuss your approach (successful or not) in the discourse forums.,Such open discussions help encourage everyone to participate and learn together as a community :family_man_woman_boy:.

Stay tuned for some exciting announcements coming up shortly :wink: