Winner announcement + Round 3!


We officially and heartily congratulate GokulaKrishnan as the winner of the AICrowd Snake Identification Challenge, Rounds 1 & 2 (with F1 score = 0.861 and logloss = 0.532)! We really appreciate everyone’s hard work on this challenge and hope that it will someday soon aid in the goal of reducing mortality and morbidity from venomous snakebite. We plan to launch Round 3 with integrated geographic information in the next few weeks.

The paper describing Gokul’s solution will be submitted to Frontiers in AI. Regarding the travel grants, Gokul will attend Applied Machine Learning Days in January 2020, Geneva, Switzerland.

Thank you to everyone who participated!


Thanks, @amdurso and the moderators behind aicrowd @mohanty @arjun_nemani for providing instant logs and helping with reproducing results.

Planning to put together a blog post /upload the code to GitHub and will link here.

It was a great experience participating in this challenge.

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