Will qrels be available?


I wanted to use Task1 dataset to benchmark a cross-lingual model. Are the qrels (test annotations) gonna be available anytime soon?



Anyone there?
That’d really help me

Hi @vitor_amancio_jerony,
My previous response wasn’t the most accurate. I’ll contact the organisers for complete details on the annotated dataset. In the meanwhile, you can check out the official Gitlab repo for the ESCI challenge; it contains data for all three tasks: GitHub - amazon-science/esci-data: Shopping Queries Dataset: A Large-Scale ESCI Benchmark for Improving Product Search

You can also checkout this paper: https://people.cs.vt.edu/~reddy/papers/WSDM20.pdf

You can also refer to all the papers that were published at the end of the conference over here: https://amazonkddcup.github.io/

I hope this helps.