Why my submission is failed?

Hello, why my submission is failed? AIcrowd
I’m confused by these values of the dataset length
Len gallery dataset: 31; Len query dataset: 21

Hello! And so I am too.


@strekalov @victorkras2008

The validation step is only a debugging dataset as we can’t give logs on the main dataset to prevent data leaks.

Hello! How can we find out the reason for the failure?

Please ensure that your code has no hardcoded values, hardcoded dictionary keys, etc. Also make sure local evaluation works.

If you’re still unable to find the error, I can check the logs manually, but this will be slow as I might not be available always and we cannot show the logs any other way.

local evaluation is working. And ranks is succesfully predicted in the debug logs.

Added error log on the gitlab comments

Could you give me some logs of my issue with submission?
Locally works, validation check in submission works but ranking complete test set returns an error:
Product Matching: Inference failed

I was able to reproduce the error on the T4, no need of help :slight_smile:

Hello! Can you provide information what the problem was in your case?

On GPU I was getting nans in inputs and outputs. I just replaced nans with 0, currently didn’t investigate it further.

hello, dipam
I have a problem with my submission too. Local evaluation works fine, validation check in submission too but Product Matching: Inference failed. Can you give me some more logs please or another help

Can someone tell what is the issue, we are getting

It’s running locally but when we submit, the submission is failed