Why aren't there more track data?

Naturally, I thought that the most relevant data for the task would be the genre-related and acoustic features of the tracks. Since we are matching new tracks with the playlist’s existing tracks.
However, all I can find, among other things, are track, artist uri’s and playlist name, which is not indicative enough of its contents.

Is it possible to get more track data through the Spotify API?


I am really surprised that no one has replied yet. This is a very useful question that I wanted to ask myself but decided not to, because @hazem_mohamed already did that. This comment is here just to keep this topic alive.

I was searching for the audio, too… but I think it’s because of copyright issues in the first place.
I think you have to create some embedding vectors for each song that you have to tune in the right way to predict other songs based on existing playlists…