Why am I not qualified for this round.

The overview states that the deadline for the first phase is 5.20, but the issue warned me when I submitted the sample for the first time: Submission failed: You have not qualified for this round. Please review the challenge rules at www.aicrowd.com

what happened? what do I do?

submission_hash : 6d73616f97b2c5cd6e8e01fa78ae15ffffe8563f

Can you please check again? The qualifying criteria for Round 1b has now been removed, so you should be able to make a submission now.

I met the same problem.
Still not able to submit.

Once again it failed.
I already clicked to participate in the competition.
And I also implemented batch prediction.

This time the submission is: submission_hash: 06ace6a01ab1e68ba5f1347d310471dbc1fd1d77 .
Thanks for help.

I understand. The team organizer also needs to re-click to participate in the competition.