Which libraries installs are **actually** needed on AIcrowd?

@mohanty I took a look at this very long pip install…

pip install  awscli botocore certifi cffi colorama cycler Cython decorator jmespath kiwisolver matplotlib networkx numpy olefile Pillow pyasn1 pycparser pyparsing python-dateutil pytz PyWavelets rsa s3transfer scikit-image scipy six tqdm jupyter-client jupyter-console jupyter-core jupyter-repo2docker jupyterlab jupyterlab-launcher crowdai

Which libraries are actually needed to run the elevator? What about the requirements.txt file
I am not sure why some of the libraries e.g. matplotlib are in this statement. Could somebody clarify? Thanks!

The requirements from this repository would be sufficient:

The given requirements.txt happened to be pip freeze of a local virtualenv.
Also, We have a Colab project with an EDA at:
and a repository that you can use as a baseline at:

Nikhil Rayaprolu

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