When and How do I submit my code and model?

I notice the deadline of submitting code is May 20th, and it seems like we can still update the code and model till July 15 in another post. So, from my understanding, there will be a channal for online code running, something like git or jupyter notebook? And I need to at lease commit once so that I can still join in the contest after May 20 util July 15. Do I have an exact understanding? When will the code submission channel be released? It will be appreciated for a more clear declaration.

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Hi @Alex830,

We will be releasing the code starter kit on 20th May (or a few days before that) along with code submission instructions.

You can expect it to be a git-based interface like in our other code submission challenges.
We will also provide a notebook-based interface for easier implementations (which can help you in making git-based submissions).