What should we submit in the end (besides the model)?

Dear Committee,

It seems that there are several objectives and they are all optional, then I’m a little bit confused about what each team is supposed to submit in the end. My understanding is that every team needs to submit (1) the final model (2) slides or any other documents to summarize/present what has been done, the rationale, and the insights (for the “insights” objective). Is that correct? If so, I know that there are guidelines for the model submission, but how about the slides/documents? Any more detailed guidelines? Thanks for the help!


Hi Tianmeng -

What you submit as a presentation is completely up to you, but a Jupyter Notebook would be completely fine for example. And many teams will upload a powerpoint I’m sure.

For teams with a domain expert - they can help guide how to communicate and what sorts of insights would be most valuable to business decision makers for example. But there is no template. And furthermore, the evaluation committee will include a variety of functions from data science to portfolio optimization. In the coming weeks we will try to arrange a Q&A session with business problem owners on this topic.

Best, Nick


A Follow-up on that: Does the submission (i.e. poweroint/jupyter/…) have to be self-explanatory or will the evaluation be based on a presentation of the results?