What is the shape of a frame stands for?

A set of frames in the dataset has shape <frames, 2, 2, 7>.

Where frames is the number of frames recorded for mouse movement, and 7 is the label point on mouse’s body.

I could understand there are two mouse in the frame, intruder and the other, but what is the two 2 in the shape indicate? And which one indicate the intruder?

Thanks for any response!

Hi @Lin_Yan_Liang

The each mouse’s keypoint coordinate is a 2D (X,y) coordinate.

2 Mice
2 Coordinates
7 keypoints

Does the clear your doubt?


Oops, I forgot the coordinates have 2 dimension, thank you!

Also to answer your question about which is the intruder: mouse 0 is always the resident, and mouse 1 is the intruder.

Eg [50,1,:,0] would give the 2d ([x,y]) coordinate of the intruder mouse’s nose (keypoint 0) on the 50th frame of the data.