What is the format of the submission file?

Hi all,
As the title.
I would like to know what format of the submission is.
I cannot find that in the start-kit at GitLab or Aicrowd.


Hi chihchung_hsu

The format of the submission file is a two column (canSteering, canSpeed) csv file with predictions for each truncated chapter in the drive360challenge_test.csv.

If you download: Resources -> Drive360 Starter-kit (a zip file now) you should see a sample_submission.csv along with a dataset.py file that shows you how to handle the truncation at the chapter boundaries.

Basically it boils down to truncating the beginning 100 values of each new chapter in the test set like this:

truncated_indices = self.dataframe.groupby(‘chapter’).apply(lambda x: x.iloc[100:]).index.droplevel(level=0).tolist()


truncated_dataframe = self.dataframe.groupby(‘chapter’).apply(lambda x: x.iloc[100:])

Then just simply provide a prediction for each of the truncated_indices. Hope this helps, but let me know if you are having issues.


Got it.
I can see the start-kit now.