What is the exact meaning of net_electricity_consumption feature?

I have a question about an observation feature

I was assuming that net_electricity_consumption is equal to non_shiftable_load - solar_generation
But following assertion failed:

assert abs((non_shiftable_load-solar_generation)-net_electricity_consumption) < 0.01

Does it also take into account battery (dis)charging?
If so - why? This is an observation feature that is used for selecting an action (how much to charge/discharge).

Thank you


I think battery (dis)charging influences the net_electricity_consumption.

I thought of it like this: If I decided to charge my battery in the previous timestep then this caused a higher net_electricity_consumption as I used energy to do so.

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Hi @mansur thanks for your question. The correct equation is:
net_electricity_consumption = non_shiftable_load + battery_electricity_consumption + solar_generation
Where battery_electricity_consumption is (+) when charging and (-) negative when discharging. solar_generation is (-).