What happens if we re-submit?

@mohanty I was wondering what happens if we do a new submission that has a lower score than the previous one? Does the leader-board keeps the best submission or the newest one.
Moreover, what happens if a submission is taken very long to evaluate? I do not know if there is a problem on your side… but if not, I would like to interrupt my current submission. How can I / you do it?

@gloria_macia_munoz: I interrupted your evaluation. Your evaluation was not using GPUs.
I enabled gpus in this commit : https://gitlab.aicrowd.com/gmacia/snake-species-identification-challenge/commit/3a7635043771384775c0f7d50b8fc7bce5ff9d23

Where I simply add "gpu":true to aicrowd.json.

Please feel free to resubmit now with this change included.

thanks @mohanty, I will try again and see if the speed is reasonable. 1) Can I myself interrupt as submission? 2) Does only the highest score in the ranking count (or the latest)? 3) Does the order of the rows (i.e. the file names) in the csv matter (if not this could be a way to speed things up from my side)?

@gloria_macia_munoz: 1) Yes you can interrupt a submission by simply deleting the note created by aicrowd-bot where it provides you feedback.
2) the ranking is based on your highest score.
3) order of the filenames does not matter.