What does it mean by "Submission failed : No evaluator found..."

What does it mean by the issue of “Submission failed : No evaluator found for challenge evaluations-api-music-demixing”?

Here is the submission hash : 8893c61447e7e461aa86347ea8e5b2fd22dbef96

To specify my aicrowd username in aicrowd.json does not fix the issue,
see 5510f0a11a29a134b1e5f47cad92b0b69a7d55ce

Hi @ant_voice1,

Sorry for the wrong error message, we have fixed it for future submissions.

This failed because you have not accepted challenge’s rules yet i.e

You have not accepted the current AIcrowd Participation Terms. Please go to the challenge page on www.aicrowd.com and click on the “participate” button.

“Participate” button on top right here: