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Team AIcrowd

I started by cloning the repo on my local machine (Ubuntu 20.04 with Python 3.8)
I tried to run the test file provided however i ran into the following error:

RuntimeError: Error opening '/home/Desktop/aicrowd/music-demixing-challenge-starter-kit- master/data/test/Mu - Too Bright/mixture.wav': File contains data in an unknown format.

This appears to be an error in the soundfile package! Any help would be appreciated on this! @vrv @shivam @ashivani

Hi @froot_joos21, it looks like a repository cloning issue.

In your repository please try out the following:

git lfs pull

In case this command fails, you need to install git-lfs in your system or upgrade your git version.

Similar query:

Please let us know in case you continue facing the issue.

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