Welcome to the Multi-Agent Behavior Challenge | 🚨 New Challenge Alert

:wave: Hello there!

This is a welcome thread for the Multi-Agent Behavior Challenge where all the participants get to know each other. You can reply to this thread with a brief introduction of yourself and what brings you to the challenge.

:computer: What’s this challenge about?

In this challenge, you are expected to develop methods on tracked trajectories from mouse social behavior video data

This challenge includes 3 tasks.

:moneybag: Tell me more about the prizes …

This challenge carries a prize pool of $9000 and $10000 total of Amazon SageMaker credits!

Read more about the unique dataset over here.

:tada: Additionally, each team to achieve over the baseline will receive $200 of Amazon SegaMaker credits until they run out. Eligible winners will also be invited to speak at Multi-Agent Behaviour Workshop at CVPR2021.

Make your first submission now! :sparkles:

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