👋 Welcome to the Airborne Object Tracking Challenge

Dear participants,

Welcome to the Airborne Object Tracking Challenge!

You can always post your questions and issues in this challenge forum or reach out to @vrv @shivam @ashivani personally if you would like. We are here to help. :smiley:

This is a very exciting problem. And we are glad to have you onboard! Please do introduce yourself to the community as a reply to this post, and we can begin to create a truly helpful community.

Some quick links

:muscle: Challenge page
:trophy: Leaderboard
:rocket: Discussion on Starter Kit
:bulb: Ideas Discussion Thread
:speech_balloon: Chat

Do post any interesting resources you come across with the community :smiley: Top community contributors will receive :aicrowd: AIcrowd swag and more :star_struck:

Team AIcrowd

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I am Mohamed Lamnouar from Morrocco, Thank you for this competetion

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