Warm up round

Do I need to participate in the warm up round to participate in the competition?


Hi @sanjayan_pradeep_kum, Thank you for your question!

You can still participate in the SDX competition 23, even if you don’t participate in the warm-up round.

If you are not familar with git-lfs or any other tools for the submission, it might be helpful to try to submit a dummy model or a pretrained model following the guideline during the warm-up phase.

For your information, below is from the official description about the warm-up rouond.

This edition of the SDX challenge also has a warm-up round! While you wait for the actual competition to begin, you can start experimenting with the starter kit, the submission system and the baseline models.

The warm-up round has the same objective as the previous edition of the challenge: the submitted systems are expected to separate songs into vocals, bass, drums and others.

For the warm-up round, you can use any training data at your disposal, there are no limitations. The submitted systems will be evaluated on a portion of MDXDB21, the hidden test set used in the Music Demixing Challenge 2021.