Video with "en passant" capture


Does anyone find a video with an “en passant” capture?

I would like to see how my model, for the Video Transcription puzzle, react facing such a move. I’m not sure how to find such a video quickly, without watching video after video :slight_smile:

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@demarsylvain: You can always generate one :wink:

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I will try!

Can you just tell me if there is a specific notation for such a move?

  • castling: “0-0”
  • queen-side castling: “0-0-0”
  • promoted pawn: add the piece symbol after the move, for instance, “e7e8q”
  • en passant capture: is there something more than just the moving pawn?

is it correct?

@demarsylvain: Looking at this, the notation seems to be to add a .p..
I will let @Shubhamaicrowd confirm if we have instances of the same in our dataset.

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Seems like in the dataset we only have instances of promoted pawn.

I don’t remember the IDs, but I pretty sure I found a castling move in a video of the test dataset, but also an en-passant capture in another video. I didn’t have time to search in the train and val datasets. I would like to found similar moves to check how they are written in the label.

Did you said there are no moves like castling or en-passant in the train dataset?

Nope, i mean there is no label representing castling or en-passant move.