Velocity target explanation

Hi there, could organizers elaborate on the velocity target map? What does it tell us about?

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We are working on documentation on our project page. We will make it more visible once ready.


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But in your document, it said converge to (2.9, 5.7), where is that location? the center point of the circle showed on the top-left picture? I think it is something like (5.7, -2.9). Then you said “the human model should locomote to the right as the vector points towards the right”, now that is right? What I can get from the bottom-left map is all the allows point to a certain point, which is roughly (0, -1), so what do you mean (0, 1)??

@huixxi: Sorry for the confusion. You are correct and thanks for pointing it out. I corrected the document (

Besides, you said cd osim-rl/examples and run but I checked, that file is in one more subfolder under-construction, so it is still under-construction that we are not allowed to run it or it will raise an error when we run it?

@huixxi You can find a new training example here: