Using the simulator

I’m a Malmo beginner and failed to find any information about speeding up the simulator.

Can we speed up the simulator in a way? If yes, how can we do that?
I’m not referring to the number of frames we receive per in-game second. I would like to change the duration of a “in-game” second. (i.e. objects move faster from an outside perspective)

Hi Heinzi,

The simulator we will provide in this competition is synchronous with the render. Your agent receives observations as fast as the system can provide them. Minecraft physics will proceed as they do in vanilla, where and speed-up or slow down in the system rendering will not effect the rate at which entities fall, blocks are mined, or otherwise (the in-game time will remain the same.)

Thank you.
I think I was not precise enough.

In this few days of training on your servers, we can only play a certain number of episodes. Traditional RL is sample in-efficient, hence a lot of samples/episodes are necessary. By speeding up the simulator, one can play more episodes in the same 4 day period. i.E. We would like to avoid that we miss a way to get more samples.

Is there a way in doing this? Is there an option to use 2 or more Minecraft instances during the training on your servers?

Ah I see -

For the competition there is a limit to the number of samples taken during training as well as a wall clock limit. Currently these limits are set at 8,640,000 samples and 96 hours of wall-clock time on a particular Azure instance.
Users who use multiple environments are free to do so within these limits.