Using open-sourced networks

Are we allowed to use open-sourced networks & code?

Hi ijunggeon_isaac_lee we do NOT allow pre-trained networks or weights to be used in the competition. Use of open source learning procedures, architectures, or other techniques is however absolutely allowed!


@BrandonHoughton May I ask if you allow the use of network pre-trained on ImageNet considering the wide use of ImageNet pretraining? Thank you.


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@BrandonHoughton I have similar doubt as above. Can you please clarify? Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, ImageNet pre-training is not allowed this year!

Re-training models is a key part of round 2 and if pre-trained weights are used there is no way to tell how those pre-trained weights were generated. Additionally, if pre-training happened during evaluation, it would be possible for competitors to upload large amounts of data which could be used to load other pre-trained weights.

In future iterations of the competition, if pre-training on ImageNet is a common ask, we could consider including certain datasets in the provided docker container; however, note that the texture pack of Minecraft will change in round 2 so techniques that work well transferring from the natural images to Minecraft may not work well in round 2!