Urgent: Request asap if you need access to your vm this week - vm's start being deleted Tuesday morning

Dear all,

You will have access to your workspaces throughout this week.

If you need continued access to your VM - which is launched from the workspace- you can request this.

We will delete all other VM’s starting tomorrow but we can make exceptions where needed.

Please request below by replying to this thread.

In either case, please make sure you have followed directions to transfer your VM files to the workspace so you do not lose your VM data/files once the VM’s are deleted.


Can you clarify what the difference is? If we need the VM to run some model interpretability packages in R or Phython, then it would really be helpful to still have access this week.

I would like to have the VM because I am making my presentation in the VM only in the .odp format. Please provide me access for next 3 days.